Remember the Lolas and Titas who always had good food whenever you came over, whether for a quick visit or a big party? That’s Leodora’s. We’ve gathered our best-loved recipes for you, always “family style,” so everyone can share in our old traditions and your brand-new memories.

The people behind Leodora’s have been in the food business for decades, with a reputation for quality, professionalism and reliability. We cater and we deliver party trays and packed meals from our restaurant. You can leave everything up to us, because we go the extra mile for family.






Leodora’s is committed to serve good food to all your events. We have packages that are perfect for every type of event but we can also alter it to fit your budget.

Packed Meals

Leodora’s delivers packed meals are for groups of people needing ready-to-eat meals in their places. Packed meals are also perfect for trainings, seminars and workshops.


Leodora’s has a restaurant inside The Garden Plaza in Paco just beside the Old Swiss Inn restaurant. Check out our food selection and prices in the Restaurant Menu page.